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December 2015 Edition
Happy Holidays from all of us at FEMAC
In this issue:
  • Best Christmas Gift Ever
  • Paris-Safety Check
  • Special Thanks
  • U.S. Agencies Support Counter-Drone Technology Efforts
  • Summary of Years Events
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Top Stories

Best Christmas Gift Ever

Reach out to your family and friends and supply them with an emergency plan.
This may not seem like much of a Christmas gift until it is needed. Then it is the best gift you can give.
Disasters start locally. The US government is not prepared for large scale events. They rely on local groups to do the majority of the work. 
Are you ready for the next weather, cyber or a terrorist event?
It only takes 30 minutes!! Include food, water and ways to live for several days.
How do you plan to reach out to others and how to respond during an emergency?
Call your school and get involved with their plan.

It is not a matter of IF, it is a matter of WHEN.

Then relax and have a Merry Christmas

Paris-Safety Check

On November 14 at 5:24pm Facebook activated Safety Check in Paris so that people there could let their friends and family know they were okay during the horrific events that took place.

Communication is critical in moments of crisis, both for the people affected and for those far away who are anxious for news. 
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Special Thanks

FEMAC would like to recognize our new and existing partners. These partners provide critical items needed for the success of FEMAC.
In 2015, we added CERT (Community Emergency Response Team's) for FEMAC development ideas and to help them increase their communication needs.
While we always look for cash donations, FEMAC also received donations of computers, cell phones and related equipment. These items help with internal needs and well as supporting other voluntary emergency organizations, such as CERT.
Most importantly, FEMAC has again survived with the numerous hours donated by volunteers.
We hope that each volunteer and their family understand the importance of their donation and how we are building a product to help people during future emergencies.

Wm Snyder, CEO and founder

U.S. Agencies Support Counter-Drone Technology Efforts

At the end of a year that saw a spike in reports of rogue drone sightings, U.S. government agencies are supporting efforts to prevent small unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) from flying near airports and other, security-sensitive locations. One federal contractor has already announced the commercial release of a system designed to detect and track drones.
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Summary of Years Events

FEMAC.US demo page is finally in beta and will release soon. If you are or have been associated with any type of Emergency group or have been in a personal emergency, please join and help out. We need everyones input to make this work.
To join, contact Bill Snyder directly at: wsnyder@femac.us
FEMAC.NET is now online for FEMAC volunteers, CERT team members and development testers to communicate and share ideas.

This year, FEMAC started supplying communication tools to help CERT groups become more efficient.

Global warming is slowly catching attention globally as well as an increase in drone usage and regulations.

The quarterly FEMAC Newsletter was upgraded to the monthly Technology Update. It  provides info on news and technologies used for emergencies. If you missed any of these good articles, they are archived at https://www.femac.info/about-femac/femac-newsletter/

The major concerns we plan to see in the next year are relating to natural disasters  (weather/earthquakes), cyber and terrorist activities. Please be aware on how you can protect yourself.


December is
National Holiday Preparedness


The Holiday Preparedness Social Media toolkit contains holiday safety and preparedness information that you can take home with you.
here to read more.

We would like to thank FEMAC partners

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Want to Join FEMAC?
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FEMAC now offers Internship Programs to schools and colleges.
If you are interested,  please follow this 

Ired_Mail_50x37 Thank you Zhang Huangbin
iRedMail Project and Zhang Huangbin (founder of iRedMail) have generously contributed support software to enhance email and collaboration for the Femac team.

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to help during emergencies

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