February Tech Update - Super Bowl Safe
Super Bowl 50 - Emergency Preparation Pays Off
  • FEMA provided Mobile Emergency Response Support (MERS) units to provide emergency mobile telecommunications support, in case of a loss of regular communications.
  • The Secret Service used open-source social media monitoring for assisting with cyber security vulnerability assessments.
  • DHS launched its communications software - a tool that has been used in past Super Bowls as well- to local, state and federal partners, so that everyone can communicate with the same platform.

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We need to improve ways to communicate during emergencies.
We are developing ways to connect individuals, emergency agencies and the world.
Let’s Work Together!

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February 2016 
Technology Update

“Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy.”
Max Mayfield, Director National Hurricane Center

In this issue:
  • Zika: What You Should Know
  • First City Wide ITT/CERT Class Successful
  • Drones Deployed At Airports
  • Emergency Alert System Gets An Update
  • FEMAC.US What Are Your Needs?
  • Special Recruitment Request
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What You Should Know

What is Zika virus?
What are the symptoms? Should I avoid traveling?
How can I protect myself and my family from Zika virus?
We have provided a simple "Question and Answer" video to find the answers!


First City Wide ITT/CERT Class Successful

January 30, 2016:
When FEMAC partnered with the Norwood Ohio campus of ITT Technical Institute and Breckinridge School of Nursing, we wanted to see if the surrounding communities were interested enough in emergency preparedness to get certified with the full 21 hour FEMA class.
FEMAC is providing new ways to communicate during emergencies.
Sat_class_norwood-300 When we approached local agencies across the city and explained that FEMA offers help to their first responders through CERT, we constantly got the same response,
“Why didn’t we know about CERT?”

Drones Deployed At Airports

Lufthansa Aerial Services (LAS) and small drone manufacturer DJI entered into a market development agreement to use DJI’s models for commercial uses. Inspecting aircraft surfaces for damage and airport runways and taxiways for foreign objects are among the possible applications.
The Lufthansa Group subsidiary announced the agreement with Shenzen, China-based DJI on January 26. The unit is eyeing drones for inspections, measurement, and monitoring of various types of infrastructure, including wind power and photovoltaic systems, electricity lines, above-ground pipelines and railroad tracks. It recently completed a pilot project with a wind-turbine manufacturer using DJI drones to inspect turbine blades. Read More

A drone can check runways and taxiways for unauthorized foreign objects, a job that automobiles now perform, “is of great interest”

Emergency Alert System Gets An Update

The next IPAWS/EAS regional test will take place on Feb. 24 and it is a big one: 22 states, two territories and the District of Columbia — some 10,000 broadcast EAS participants, not counting cable operators.

The test area affected includes not only much of the populous New York/New Jersey metroplex but also “Tornado Alley” states of the mid-west and Gulf Coast hurricane states.

FEMA officials have been contacting state broadcast association executives and state emergency communications committee chairs to put the word out, and plans are developing for preparatory webinars.


FEMAC.US  What Are Your Needs?

Can you provide us three questions in just 1 minute?

In January, we started the final development phase of our Emergency beta release.
We are now asking ALL our readers to spend one minute to help us out.
What are your needs?

Email us your most pressing questions during an emergency. 
So far we have had a good response from the public, including individuals and companies.
In order to make this emergency tool work at it's best, we will continue reaching out to people.FEMAC-isaac
Preparation is most effective
when everyone works together.

Special Recruitment Request

Nationally known spokesperson needed!

We are soliciting the help from any one reading this article to be a part of our search team. If you you know of any one or have any contact with someone that could help us make contact with a potential Spokesperson, please pass this on to us for follow up.
The SP would need to be a volunteer,as is all of us.
He or She should be willing to be the Face of FEMAC. A clip on our web site would be the beginning of international exposure.


 A dedicated SP needs to be committed to the idea of helping people in time of crisis and not have a conflict of interest with their job. spokesperson
Retires make good Spokespersons
For example a person like Capt. Sully who landed his plane on the river in order to save the plane from crashing.
Please email me if you have any ideas or suggestions.
Volunteer Coordinator and Dir. of HR

Just Released
"West, Texas report on deadly fertilzer fire and explosion
West-TX-fire-200 3

The CSB (Chemical Safety Board) found gaps in federal regulatories dealing with ammonium nitrate storage facilities. Are you prepared?
Raed the full report

America's PrepareAthon!
Check out our updated website and features at: 
America's PrepareAthon! 
Craig Fugate informs everyone to get involved


We would like to thank our FEMAC partners
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Did you know:
  • FEMAC.US will be on line this year. As a matter of fact it will be very shortly) thanks to all the FEMAC volunteers that have given tireless days and hours to make it happen.
  • A very special thanks to BILL SNYDER, founder of FEMAC) for his dedicated leadership for over three years.
  • DID YOU KNOW that FEMAC has no paid help. We are 100% volunteers including founder and CEO Bill Snyder.
  • We have never had a nationally known person for a Spokesperson, however we hope to change this in the near future.
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