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January 2016 Edition

Here at FEMAC we hope you all had a wonderful New Year!

In this issue:
  • ITT now offers CERT training to local communities
  • FEMAC.US in final development
  • New ‘National Alert System’ For Terrorist Threats
  • Teen CERT
  • Amateur Radio Operators Convert to Digital Television
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Top Stories

ITT now offers CERT training to local communities

January 4, 2016: ITT Technical Institute will start offering 21 hour full CERT Training to local communities. The first CERT class will be held in the Norwood Ohio location, a suburb of Cincinnati.  The class will begin in January and is expected to last 3 hours each week for a total of 7 weeks.  Read more here

FEMAC.US in final development

FEMAC.US is now in the final development phase!  We need advisors to review content and help develop ideas.

Content Development runs from January 1 - January 31, 2016.

As a Content Developer, you will be looking for content accuracy, screen flow and errors, making suggestions and/or corrections to spellings or explanations.

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Thank you in advance
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FEMAC.US as effective as possible.

New ‘National Alert System’ For Terrorist Threats

The U.S. Will Launch New ‘National Alert System’ For Terrorist Threats.

Secretary of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson sits down for a candid conversation with Defense One about the spread of threats from the battlefield to the homefront, and how DHS is working together with the Pentagon, intelligence community and other law enforcement agencies to fight the war on terrorism, stand up cyber defenses, secure U.S. borders and tackle other issues.



CERT has now stepped up its game in engaging young adults into helping their community.  All over,  CERT groups are going to their local high schools and getting young adults signed up for CERT.

This will help tremendously in the case of an emergency at a school.  The CERT young adults will be able to assess situations and know what to do to minimize threats and injuries.

The December 2015 CERT E-Brief: Teen CERT Edition has just been released.  Click here to view.


Amateur Radio Operators Convert to Digital Television

A new technology that may be used in the future for emergency support is here.
Here is the first of a series of articles from TV Technology: ALEXANDRIA, VA.—Radio amateurs, or “hams,” have been involved in one way or another with television practically ever since commercial entities began developmental work in the medium during the 1920s. And many TV engineers have held ham licenses and performed their own share of experimental work in their off-duty hours.  
Early on, at least one manufacturer offered camera pickup tubes at discounted prices to encourage experimentation by the radio amateur community.

Ham TV has evolved right along with the rest of the industry, moving from mechanical scanning to all-electronic operation, then color, and eventually to digital video and most recently, high-definition imaging.  
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